Using Caution when Getting Auto Insurance Quotes in Texas

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Whether you like the power of a truck, SUV, or smaller sedan, you need to find an auto insurance policy that protects your vehicles from other drivers, accidents, and theft. Getting auto insurance quotes Texas is pretty easy — but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for.

Pick the Right Insurer for Your Vehicle

Auto insurance carriers have different criteria for determining rates. As an example, some carriers — especially those who specialize in antique autos — may have lower rates for older vehicles than those who don’t. Understanding what kind of specialization an insurance carrier has will help you find one with more favorable rates and more extensive coverage for your special vehicle needs.

Don’t Go Too High on the Deductible

When getting auto insurance quotes Texas you may be tempted to choose a very high deductible when you see how low it drops your premium. But what you may not realize is that auto insurance deductibles are applicable to each incident you have. So if you have three accidents in one year, you’re going to be responsible for paying that deductible after each of those accidents. This can put you in a huge financial jam that could have easily been avoided if you’d simply paid a higher premium for a lower deductible.

Don’t Skimp in Order to Save

Texas has baseline requirements for auto insurance customers. They have a minimum coverage required for liability and property damage. But that’s not enough to protect your full financial interest. While this will allow you to make good on damage you do to others or their property, it doesn’t protect your own financial interest in your vehicle itself. While getting the minimum coverage will keep you legally compliant, it will also put your at risk of significant financial loss should something happen to your vehicle, such as a fire, theft or vandalism.

Go Ahead and Get Uninsured Motorist Coverage

It’s great that you’re being compliant by purchasing Texas auto insurance, but not everyone on the roads in the Lone Star State is as interested in following the law as you are. If you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist and you suffer damage, you could be completely out of luck recovering any portion of your losses because the person neglected to buy insurance for themselves. There is a pretty easy way to avoid this. Simply opt for uninsured motorist coverage when you apply for auto insurance quotes Texas. That way, your own policy can supplement the shortcomings of others.

Don’t Go Overboard with Your Limits

It’s important to comply with Texas requirements for limits in your policy, but the state’s limits are really just the minimum insurance protection you need to secure. By choosing only this amount, you could be putting yourself in danger of facing significant financial responsibilities should an accident result in damages that exceed those limits. The state of Texas didn’t come up with limits that they felt would protect you fully from risk — so consider going even higher to protect yourself.

When it comes to shopping for auto insurance quotes Texas, the best news you can get is that you’re not actually on your own. You can always visit sites like to get rates, discount information, and policy design tools that help you create the most comprehensive coverage you can afford.